Our Expertise

Eye Care

With more than one million genetic eye tests completed since 2008, Avellino is a global leader in leveraging artificial intelligence-powered algorithms to predict disease, prevent progression and ultimately preserve vision.  Avellino’s diagnostics provide eye care professionals with personalized genetic data to determine an individual’s risk of keratoconus and the presence of corneal dystrophy. These conditions, if left untreated, could lead to permanent vision loss.

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At Avellino, we’re on a mission to find cancer before it even exists. Bycombining the power of genomics, biology, and predictive analytics, we canrecognize changes in sample DNA , inclusive of blood, saliva and tumors, that precede cancer and allowindividuals the chance to create a plan of action to monitor those changes. Using these unique mutation locations, we can work towards a point where we no longer have to wait for the emergence of cancer cells, tumors, or tumor-derived signals to establish the risk of disease.  The discovery of unique mutation locations has the potential to disrupt and revolutionize how we think about screening. This could change how, when, and where we look for cancer and empower us to assess risk and take action at the earliest opportunity. Learn more.

Genomic Data Analytics

Avellino offers a proprietary, highly secure, artificial intelligence-enabled data analytics platform to accelerate scientific discovery and deepen insights into the complexities of human disease to empower precision health through genomics. Our genomic data analytics platform called GeneOS enables users to access, integrate, explore, derive insights and visualize data from various sources, while adhering to the highest level of global data privacy and protection standards. GeneOS forms the ecosystem of data analytics technologies and services that researchers, physicians, and the healthcare community rely on to drive innovation in personalized diagnostics, treatments and cures. 


Our goal is to empower medical and public health communities to understand, outpace, and outsmart pathogens—including those we’ve never encountered before. By providing our partners with actionable, data-driven insights in real time, we are positioned to elevate our collective approach to the infectious disease challenges of today, and tomorrow. Our  novel approach pairs whole-genome sequencing with artificial intelligence (AI) and an expansive database for a unique pangenome perspective.  By combining public domain and partner-acquired data with proprietary data management techniques, we’re building towards the world’s most comprehensive pangenome and patient metadata library. Learn more.


COVID & RSV Testing

From the early days of the worldwide response to COVID-19, Avellino has played a role in accelerating the time between testing and detection. In 2020, scientists at Avellino confirmed through our genetic testing process developed for personalized medicine applications that there were only two N-gene targets needed to identify COVID-19. Shortly after we notified the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of our discovery, the CDC updated its own protocol. As the first privately held, independent company in the United States to receive Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for its COVID-19 test, Avellino has performed more than three million COVID-19 related tests to date, all processed in our CLIA-certified laboratory in Menlo Park, California. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and EUA–authorized AvellinoCoV2 coronavirus and multi-panel real-time PCR (RT-PCR) virus assays are gold-standard, fast, and available with swab collection.

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