Our Laboratories

Pioneering precision health diagnostics.

Science at Avellino

Avellino’s global network of laboratories uses state-of-the-art technology, automated processes, equipment, and data management systems to perform groundbreaking genome and molecular-level testing of human clinical samples and respiratory pathogens

Our Quality Assessment & Quality Control

We take the highest level of care in data privacy and security for our patients’ information. Our QA team ensures Avellino Lab Quality Systems are compliant with CLIA High Complexity Testing Regulations. We utilize an automated Document Management system, and we follow a comprehensive Quality Improvement and Audit policy.

Our testing quality is continuously evaluated against peers across the world through our participation in the CAP Proficiency Testing program (infectious disease testing). 

The Software

Patient sample processing, and the data generated from the processing, is tracked at every step using Avellino’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and is automated to synchronize with the robotic elements within the lab.


Avellino test samples make a complex and efficient automated journey through our lab with stringent quality controls for test report generation.

R & D

We use next-generation sequencing data and microarray technology to run our research samples and develop genomic tests for a variety of monogenic and complex polygenic diseases that physicians can use for their patients.

Our Culture

We are committed to offering a continual learning environment where we build skillsets and have fun, all while helping improve lives. We also host monthly lunch-and-learns to discuss the latest topics in genomics and other relevant topics.

View our open positions

If you do not see an immediate opening, you can submit your resume to jobs@avellino.com – we are always looking for high-caliber talent, so do not hesitate to share your skills with us!