AvaGen Resources

Physician Brochures

AvaGen™ Physician Brochure

Educational support for eye care health professionals and their staff.

Report Examples

Positive Test Report

Example test report showing positive for Corneal Dystrophies

Negative Test Report

Example test report showing negative for Corneal Dystrophies


Instructions for Use Brochure

Step-by-step instructional document for administering and shipping the AvaGen™ test.

TRF Example

Example Test Requisition Form for eyecare health professionals and their staff

Instructions for Use Video

Step-by-step video instructions for administering and shipping the AvaGen™ test.

Patient Communication


AvaGen™ Patient Brochure

This brochure explains AvaGen™ and why it may be right for you. Read how the test works, learn about keratoconus and corneal dystrophies, find out how to locate a genetic counselor, and more.

Web Copy

Long, medium, and short form web copy to include on your practice website.

Genetic Counseling Brochure

Important information about how a genetic counseling session can help you understand your AvaGen™ results.

Case Studies

Elizabeth Yeu, MD

Case Study 1: How Genetics Informs Refractive Surgery Decisions

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Knowing your patient’s genetic risk score for keratoconus or a disease of the cornea provides the assurance you need to make a confident decision.

Justin Schweitzer, OD

Case Study: How Genetics Informs Refractive Surgery Decisions

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Hear how AvaGen™, The Genetic Eye Test, played a tremendous role in helping both Justin Schweitzer, OD, and one of his patients confidently move forward with refractive surgery.

Stephanie Woo, OD

Case Study: Orthokeratology Referral

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How Stephanie Woo, OD, found a clear path toward identifying the right treatment with AvaGen™, The Genetic Eye Test.


Melissa Barnett, OD

DNA: A New Phase of Eyecare Means Novel Opportunities to Expand Care

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Learn how eye care professionals are now using genetic testing and existing eyecare tools to accurately quantify the genetic risk of keratoconus and the presence of TGFBI gene-related corneal dystrophies.

Nicole R. Fram, MD; Sumit “Sam” Garg, MD; Mitchell A. Jackson, MD; Gary Wörtz, MD

Say Anything: What Is the Role of Genetic Testing for Keratoconus and Corneal Dystrophies in Your Practice?

For complex cornea patients, clinical evaluation and diagnostic testing alone may not reveal the information you need to determine long-term treatment plans. Learn how genetic testing can fill this gap with personalized, value-added analysis that could catch additional risk factors.

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Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD

Genetic Glaucoma Risk Assessment

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